The Environmental Epidemiology Unit (EEU) is hosted at the Department of Hygiene and Epidemiology of University of Ioannina Medical School

The Environmental Epidemiology Unit (EEU) constitutes a Reference Centre for Water and Food Quality Control. The main objective of EEU is to examine the quality of drinking water and swimming/recreational waters in North-Western Greece. Other activities of EEU consist of research and education in water microbiology for students in the University Of Ioannina School Of Medicine and the general public. EEU is equipped with the appropriate know-how and technological equipment for sampling and conducting microbiological, physicochemical and chemical analyses on samples of water of any origin, and was accredited in 2013 with the ISO 17025. All analyses are carried out in compliance to the Greek and European legislative frameworks.

EEU is led by Dr Kostas Tsilidis, who is an Assistant Professor in Epidemiology, and currently employs seven researchers with backgrounds in biology (Ms Nikolina Vourvou, Ms Christina Diamanti, Mr Christos Tsiostas), environmental sciences (Ms Nana Dimitriou, Mr Thomas Papadiotis) and chemistry (Dr Giolanta Stergiou).  

You can contact EEU at:tel: +30 26510 07604Fax: +30 26510 07853 Email: weflab[at]

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